Through participation in our training programs, Chinese leaders study ways in which government, NGOs, corporations, educators, and professional associations interact to promote public welfare through policy formulation, implementation, and analysis. MCI courses comprise lectures, case studies, simulations, and visits to government agencies and private organizations in the Washington, DC area.

MCI courses focus on issues of public welfare that result from rapid urbanization, growing energy demands, technological advances, and internationalization of markets.

Public Management

  • Policy implementation and performance assessment
  • Foreign affairs
  • Human resources management
  • Emergency management
  • Provision of social insurance and social services

Educational Administration and Educational Innovation

  • Higher, secondary, and primary education for an international knowledge economy
  • Bilingual education training

Infrastructure Development

  • Urban and rural development
  • Construction management and worker safety
  • Traffic planning
  • National corridor and gateway systems

Energy and Environmental Management

  • Energy Conservation and Green Industry
  • Mining safety
  • Water systems management
  • Adaptation to climate change

Cultural and International Exchanges

  • National soft power
  • International image
  • Cultural exchanges