UMD faculty-led programs:

Faculty, Staff and Education Abroad

There are myriad ways for faculty and professional staff on campus to be a part of study abroad, from directing short-term programs to applying for grants from our partners to participate in study abroad themselves. We encourage you to contact our staff to discuss ways to get involved.

Why a Short-Term Program?

A faculty-led program provides an international living and learning experience for students that can be one of the most enriching and inspiring opportunities they have as an undergraduate. Short-term programs often allow students who could not otherwise study abroad the opportunity to gain international exposure and understanding, and the vast majority of faculty who lead such programs are equally energized by this unique experience.

Developing a Short-Term Program

Education Abroad welcomes proposals for short-term, faculty-led study abroad programs during winter, spring break or summer.

In addition to support and guidance from our own staff, Education Abroad has an extensive array of international contacts and partners abroad with whom we can collaborate and share resources. Here are some simple steps to initiate the process:

  • Contact Søren Peterson, Coordinator of Short-Term Programs for Education Abroad, with an idea, even if you are not clear on how you would implement it.

  • Submit a Short-Term Study Abroad Program Proposal (see PDF preview of proposal forms) by

    • March 1 for Winter and Spring Break programs
    • September 15 for Summer programs

    Program proposals must be submitted electronically via MyEA; contact Søren M Peterson, Coordinator of Short-Term Programs, to open a proposal form for you. Such requests should be submitted well in advance of the deadline to allow for adequate preparation of the proposal.

    Departmental and College/School involvement in the development process is required to ensure that all parties are aware of, and support, your endeavor. The short-term program timeline (PDF) is designed so that our Faculty Advisory Committee can review the proposal and reach a decision (accept, reject, revise and resubmit) with adequate time for Education Abroad to create (or update) marketing materials and program budgets before opening applications. Because of these constraints, late proposals generally will not be considered.

Some Things to Consider:

Academic Course: The course abroad should be of comparable rigor to one offered on campus and support the curriculum in your department.  You should assign an adequate amount of reading materials to support your course and assess the students in such a way that holds them accountable for the required work.

Course Number and Listing: Cross-listed courses and General Education courses will interest students and allow you to draw from a larger pool of applicants.  It is the responsibility of faculty to submit a study abroad course for General Education/CORE review to his/her department.  We can assist you with making contacts in other departments or campus units for cross listing your course. 

Audience: You want to have a course that both targets a specific population and is broad enough to appeal to a larger group.  Most programs have a minimum enrollment of 10 students but can accommodate more, especially if another colleague assists with the course.  Decide whether you want to open your course to non-UMD students and/or graduate students.

Location:  Consider what places would be most attractive to students.  Keep in mind the weather, the tourists, and any festivals or events that might take place.


EDABROADFACULTY is an announcement list for Education Abroad staff to share information with current and prospective faculty directors about policies, procedures and deadlines related to short-term programs at the University of Maryland. Although the list is intended for faculty directors, department chairs and others interested in faculty-led short-term programs may find it useful as well.

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